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When I was 9 years old I was selected to be the captain of my soccer team.  It was a decision made by the coach as well as the players.  It was an honor to be the captain.  I took this responsibility seriously, I wanted each player on the team to thrive so our entire team would be successful.

We had this kid on our team who was a little younger and he was smaller than everyone else.  His name was Danny.  Danny was not only small, he wore glasses, his skills with soccer were not the strongest and he was socially awkward.  He had this way about him that was hard to read.  His mom was the same way.

It was Danny’s first year with our team.  A bunch of us had been playing together for a few years and Danny was trying really hard to fit in.  I remember Danny working his butt off in practices and in games.  He loved being a part of “the guys.”  What Danny didn’t know was the other kids on the team didn’t think he was so great.  They would make fun of him behind his back and make inappropriate comments.  They were not being supportive.
This did not sit well with me.  Danny was a part of our team and he worked hard like everyone else, he showed up to practices and the games; he deserved to be treated like everyone else.
I recall one game where Danny was put on left wing.  This was his opportunity to try and score a goal.  I was super excited for him.  I wanted so badly for him to score.   When our coach announced that Danny was playing left wing, one of our teammates laughed outwardly about the idea.  Well, that was enough for me.  I stood up for Danny and got in the kids face and told him how I felt about his behavior.  I let him know that Danny is on our team like everyone else and he deserves a shot to play up front like all of us do.  So if you don’t like it then find another team!
I couldn’t believe what just came out of my mouth.  What was I doing?  I remember my body was shaking, I was so nervous.  I had never stood up for anyone like that before.  What were the guys going to think about me?  What were they going to do to Danny?  I just couldn’t stand it anymore.
The good news is it stopped.  It was no longer cool to make fun of Danny.  The smile on Danny’s face was endless.  He was so happy that someone stood up for him.  Danny didn’t score that game but he had a great time playing and the rest of the season was great.  Our team came together and we won most of our games and more importantly, we were a team.  We were not a bunch of individuals playing soccer.  We were a cohesive unit.  I was so proud of that team.
I share this story as an inquiry for you.  What kind of person or teammate are you being in your life?  Are you doing what it takes to take the best care of your health and the health of those you care about the most?  We are all faced with decisions each day.  We are constantly making choices that are impacting the quality and quantity of our lives.
I am interested your immediate health as well as your future health.  Life is about those thousands of choices we make moment to moment.  Life is about standing up for what you believe in.  Don’t be a push over when it comes to your health, it is not worth it.  
Check out my video blog as I share with you a great metaphor for health.  I want you and your families to succeed in all areas of life.  We have so much to live for.  Today is the beginning of the rest of your life!  Make it the best and most powerful life possible!!!
PS. Thank you to Umpqua Bank and to everyone that came out to educate themselves about their own health! We love getting out and teaching, learning and growing with our community. If you have any questions, topics you’d like more information on, or a group that would like to attend a wellness lecture, please let us know! 206-783-6000 or


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