Have you heard of Pradaxa?

Are drugs safe?  It depends on who you ask, you will get a different answer.  In this weeks health tip I am not wanting to press upon you that drugs are bad or good.  I want to inform you of a drug in particular that has been linked to many deaths in America over the past 4 years.

My intention is for you to be informed about Pradaxa and other anti-coagulant drugs that are on the market and are being linked to deaths.  This is so disturbing to me that people die from the use of prescription drugs but it is happening more than we care to know.  My hope is after you listen to the video blog and learn from it.  So next time you are faced with the decision to take a drug or not take a drug you ask some questions.

Our health is ultimately our own responsibility and no one else’s.  There will always be side effects with prescription drugs because they are not natural.  So please be careful, your health depends on it.

We promote healing from with in.  That there is this innate intelligence inside us all that is designed to sustain health but also help us to recover from illness, disease or some type of ailment.  The power that made your body is what heals your body.  Trust in your bodies innate capacity to heal.  Make sure your spine is balanced so the brain can communicate effectively with the entire system so it may co-ordinate all function properly.

If you have any questions, please ask.


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