Asthma Associated with Diet

Our society is being bombarded with so many different health problems.  It is really overwhelming to think about all the different ailments in our world.  I frankly am fed up with the nonsense.   I am sick and tired of all the different diseases and disorders of our time. Why do you think this is happening?  What can you do about it?

Too many times people fall victim to their health.  They contract some disease or disorder, they chalk it up to some genetic problem and they give up. Before you know it they are living with what they perceive as a permanent condition and they just give up.  I say NO!  Don’t be a statistic, no matter what your health problem is.

When I was in Chiropractic School there was a student who had Asthma for most of his life.  He was an avid Volleyball player but because of Asthma he was limited to how much he could play.  Someone told him about Chiropractic and he decided to give it a try.  Well it worked!!  After a short period of time his Asthma symptoms went away and they have never returned.  Chiropractic worked for this person.  Chiropractic purpose is to increase function between your brain and the tissue cells so the body can heal and self-regulate.  Chiropractic is one piece of the health recipe.  Other things like diet and exercise also play a major role.
How much does diet affect Asthma you ask?  Check out my video blog to learn more about diets relationship to the expression of Asthma or the lack thereof.
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