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Posts from: March 2013

Vaccinated Kids Sicker Than Non-Vaccinated

What a wonderful time of year!  I love spring for so many reasons; stepping into the light, getting outside more, playing outdoor sports, going on nature walks and of course Easter!  My kids are beside themselves with joy and enthusiasm.  My son is so cute, he does not want to know what day Easter is […]

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Seniors Out of Touch with Reality

How do you know if your healthy?  Most of us would say it is based on how we feel.  I feel good, therefore I must be healthy.  That is what we have been taught; if you feel good, your healthy.   Not many people know that only 10% of our nervous system’s purpose is to […]

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Prescription Drugs and Driving

This week I want to share with you some interesting information about prescription drugs and driving.  As we age, the risk of having to take prescription drugs goes dramatically up.  Most seniors are taking more than one drug.  Do we really know how our physiology will be affected by taking more than one drug?  Not […]

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You Are What You Eat Re-Visited

This week’s Health Tip explores the findings of a study published in the medical journal, Aging Cell, in December of 2012. It found that epigenetic markers, or molecular changes to your genes that are said to “switch” genes on or off, are controlled mainly by aging, but also by diet. This is exciting news because […]

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Improving Your Peace of Mind

Life is coming at us in so many ways that it is completely overwhelming and often stressful!  Sound familiar?  I thought it might.  This is the way for too many of us and when is it going to stop? I am here to share with you that it can stop and it will stop if […]

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